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Real Estate Simulator Assessments (RES)

Since 2003, companies have been using Real Estate Simulator to increase their number of successful agents and achieve greater accuracy in hiring the best agents. Since this time, more than 300,000 assessments have been administered.

Real Estate Simulator 2 (RES) has three unique modules, all supported with a robust contact management system:


  1. Sales Skills Assessment.  A 30-minute, simulation-based skills measure for inexperienced agents or those not licensed yet. This simulation provides prospects with a view into the world of selling real estate.  They watch simulations of agents with buyers and/or sellers and then are asked to answer questions about these situations, and how they would handle each particular situation.
  2. Knowledge Assessment.  A 25-minute, simulation-based learning exercise to assist experienced agents with tomorrow’s challenges such as “going green”, technology, dealing with Generation Y buyers and sellers,  and financing issues in today’s market. 
  3. Personality Assessment. An 8-minute, fun test to provide an opportunity for a prospect to determine their personality type and how to use it to become more successful in their real estate career. 


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